Living on a pump is a habit that affects our whole life. That applies at least to the people who let themselves be influenced by it. Even the governments of all states live on credit. You can see where this can lead to the example of Greece. In such a case, while the European community is helping the indebted countries, the consumer has no way of getting money from the state to offset the debt. The end in such a case means attachment.

Credit despite attachment

Credit despite attachment

In the case of an attachment, a certain part of the income is retained and transferred to the creditor. The debtor has only a certain part of his wages or salaries available for as long as this. How high this depends on the living situation and the income of the person concerned. A single receives more money than a married person. If there are also children in the household, the attachable income is significantly reduced.

Many sufferers dream of being able to settle all debts at once and therefore ask all possible banks for a loan. What they reap is just a shake of the head, because it is not possible to get a loan despite the attachment. All you really have is the hope of winning the lottery or inheritance.

Are there options for a loan despite attachment?

Are there options for a loan despite attachment?

Definitely no. No bank is willing to do this, either at home or abroad. The households have no choice but to wait for the attachment. However, before this happens, consumers have the option of personal bankruptcy. Depending on the amount of the debt, this can be worthwhile. Without wanting to go into more detail about the procedure, bankruptcy means that the debtor has to hand over the attachable part of his income to a trustee.

This distributes the money to the creditors. This takes six years and is called the behavior phase. If the six years have expired and there are still debts left, the debtor can apply for a debt relief. If the district court agrees, the debtor will be rid of his liabilities in one fell swoop.

Although this means severe restrictions in the debtor’s lifestyle, it is still better than taking out a loan despite the attachment. But surely the best thing is not to go into debt at all. Certainly, the desires that people have are very great. But saving is the safest way to do it. Once you have reached a garnishment, economic life is totally restricted. In addition, such things remain registered in the Credit Bureau for three years after they have ended.

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