Don’t drink water immediately after eating:

This is another mistake that many people commit with their diets. One should definitely drink sufficient water, but certainly not immediately after consumption of a meal. Drinking water immediately after taking meal greatly affects the digestion process as the foods float over the water resulting into improper blend of digestive secretions with foods. Naturally, the person suffers from issues of late digestion, gastric syndromes, loss of appetite, etc.

Drink at least 3-4 liters of water:

Drinking sufficient water is one of the easiest yet most effective ways to keep the body weight under control. An adult should consume at least three to four liters of water. Sufficiency of water is crucial to maintaining a healthy metabolism rate in the body and hence controls weight gain. Especially, one should give higher importance to drink water during day hours than the nights. Drinking sufficient water is also an effective way of maintaining skin freshness.

Eat breakfast on time:

Breakfast is the most important diet for humans. Dietician and nutrition experts always recommend taking the breakfast within three to four hours after getting up in morning. Maintaining this only diet schedule can keep your diet plan for the entire day under control. And, a controlled appetite is obvious to keep the weight gain process under control.

Avoid fat and oil based diet

Most people know about this, but a very few observe it in regularly. Though it’s impossible to avoid fat and oil from the diet entirely, you should keep it only up to a certain extent. The best recommendation in this regard would be to have a diet chart prepared through an expert dietician.