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Jennifer May, RD
Jennifer May, RD,
Manager, Nutrition Services

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Our program provides you with a personalized yet simple approach to weight loss, so you will shed those pounds and achieve a healthier body once and for all. You'll choose from the following meal plans:

No Restrictions
The No Restrictions meal plan is designed for any individual looking to maintain a healthy and balanced diet. No Restrictions is best suited for you if you do not have specific dietary concerns or preferences.

Low Cholesterol
The Low Cholesterol meal plan is designed for individuals who are looking for a heart-healthy diet and limits cholesterol intake to 200 mg/day. The plan also minimizes intake of saturated fats while emphasizing a higher intake from monounsaturated fats.

Reduced Carbohydrate
The reduced carbohydrate meal plan limits carbohydrate intake to 40% of total calories. This plan is not to be confused with low carbohydrate diets (e.g., Atkins, Protein Power, etc.) because the carbohydrate restriction does not put the body in a state of ketosis. This plan allows an individual to consume fewer carbohydrates without sacrificing fiber, vitamin, or mineral intake.

The vegetarian meal plan is a lacto-ovo vegetarian plan, meaning that eggs and dairy are included. This plan is designed for individuals who do not consume meat, chicken, or fish, and the menus include a variety of soy foods and meat substitutes.

Other features of our professional weight loss program include:

  • Convenient shopping lists
  • Personalized nutrition calculator
  • Fitness workouts with logging tools
  • Daily calorie balance calculator
  • Weekly progress reports
  • Warm and caring community
  • Live chats with experts

I hope to see you on the site!


Jennifer May, RD,
Manager, Nutrition Services,
www.ABCDiets.info , Inc.

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